Student Art Showcase

Every year, Salt Lake Community College has a poster design contest to highlight the Student Art Showcase. The Student Art Showcase displays the work that has been done by the students in the Visual Art Department. The direction behind the layout and design of this poster was to display the visual strength of the hierarchy and structure in the information provided. 

Love Your Body

Love Your Body Month is organized by the Health & Wellness department at Salt Lake Community College. The objective of the events throughout the month is to raise awareness about healthy lifestyles and provide health education to the students for their benefit. 

Open Road

Back in the summer of 2012 I went on a road trip with my wife. My attempt to stay creative while on the road was to pull out my iPhone 4 and just start filming the journey. Later, I decided to use that footage and teach myself how to use video editing software. That initial attempt was my first and last attempt to make a video, and well, I still like it, sorta.

The Graveyard

You know those projects that you love, but only for a second? Or maybe you only really like a small part of a certain project. Well, here are some of those projects that deserve to get at least some attention, but not worth of all the attention. Or, maybe I just want to show some of my older work, just because.